Saturday, October 19, 2013

new shoes!

hello zumba go-ers:

I wanted to share with you all my new Zumba shoes I just recently got! I love them, and I love the colors, they feel good and I enjoy the mesh on the shoe, so my feet can breathe a little. I got them at Kohl's and they're adidas!

What kind of shoes do you Zumba in? What do you like most about them?

if you're interested: my shoes on the kohls webite

Monday, October 7, 2013

good humor!

if you're like me you can't help but move your feet when you hear that zumba song from class on the radio!

drive safely! ;)

Thursday, September 26, 2013



  • how was your summer?
  • how's your Zumba Class going?
  • what challenges have you faced?
  • what do you enjoy the most about Zumba?
  • how much weight have you lost?
  • if you haven't lost any weight, are you getting results?

first I want to apologize for not posting anything since June! I'm pretty shocked myself, but in case you were wondering, my summer was fantastic! I hung out with friends, family and ben (my boyfriend), also went on vacation to hocking hills, not to mention a lot of county fairs! but don't worry, I still made it to my Zumba classes! with all the fair food, constant snacking from vacation, and the ever-so-popular smores by a campfire, there's no way I could miss a Zumba class. I learned a lot of new fun dances and I can't wait to hear about the new dances you've learned too!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Great News

Tonight, at my Zumba® class, I was asked to help instruct our class tonight because one of the girls couldn't make it. You can imagine my answer to her question! YES, PLEASE!! My Zumba® class lasts about an hour, which in my opinion, isn't long enough. I am never catching myself looking at the clock. It's back to back songs, and I barley have time to grab a drink of water or catch my breath. I thrive off those moments! I had so much fun dancing in front of the class and I can hardly wait to become a Zumba® instructor. In case your wondering how you can become a Zumba® instructor too here is the website to get registered!

This was my favorite Zumba® dance tonight, give it a try!

This is not me, nor is it my video. Something similar to our dance though!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Zumba?

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to give you a few reasons why I love Zumba and why how it's different from any other workout you can do. Please don't misunderstand me, as long as you are getting out and being active, weather it's taking a small walk around your block or a few files on the treadmill. My boyfriend and I love to take hikes with his dog Brandi. But I just wanted to point out that Zumba can be so much more fun than a 15 minute walk or a hike. As I mentioned before in my previous posts, Zumba is a dance! You're working your legs when you do the cha-cha and/or jumping jacks. You are getting a workout in your arms when you are just moving them and getting them toned. In my previous post I told you how you can work your glutes and get a tighter behind by doing what? Squats!! Work that core by tightening your tummy when you bend. Now if that's not a workout I don't know what is!! If there is anything I left out or you feel is your 'problem area', let me know, I'm sure we cover it in class!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Get Squattin'


I just remembered I should let you in on a little secret. In my Zumba® class, we do a little thing, that make a big difference called squats. Squats are just what they are. 

  • Stand with your legs a little far apart from each other.
  • Bend your knees like your sitting in an invisible chair.
  • Make sure your knees don't go past your feet!
  • I like to keep my balance by putting my arms to my chest or I've seen people just hold their arms straight out, whatever's comfortable with you.
  • Stick that booty out, don't be shy!
  • Hold it about 10 seconds and come back up.
  • Repeat!

Sometimes I wish there was a chair under me because the burning in my legs is intense; a good intense though. Do you feel like your butt is just flat as a pancake? Try doing some squats for a whole song. Make it a fast song so you can do a little dancing too. In my Zumba® class we do our squats during the chorus of the song and we do about 5. Give it a try!  I have yet to see results on me, but I do feel the soreness in my legs and glutes the next day. You should see  results within a month, if you don't keep squattin'. .won't hurt ya!